And Fall Arrives!!!

Delivering baby in the spring and summer makes it seem easy!  Light PJs, Onsies, cute summer dresses, etc.  When the weather changes, not only does baby gear, clothing, and paraphernalia change…… sometimes babies and their families get sick! The weather change can bring on illness.  If you have older children and they are in pre-school or higher more germs are brought home to infect everyone!  How can you reasonably avoid this dilemma?

The weather issue is universal.  Keep your newborn close to you.  Be kind but assertive if strangers want to touch your little one.  Be willing to show them baby, but avoid touching.  Most folks will be understanding and amiable.  If someone is not, smile and leave!

Impress upon you older children how germs are spread.  When they come home from school and want to hold baby make regular hand-washing a must.  Do not be a crazy person, but something as simple as regular hand-washing for you and your kids can save the inconvenience and discomfort of illness.  Notice when you touch grocery carts or other convenience items.  Carry hand sanitizer or wipes with you.  I have found even washing baby’s hands helps.  Encourage others who are close to you and your family to incorporate a special level of cleanliness while baby is in her first year.  Help them understand everything is new to your newborn, including germs!

In colder climates winter clothing is a major issue.  Do you purchase snow suits for a three month old?  My thought, borrow what ever you are able to from friends and relatives.  Winter will last six or seven months, depending upon where you live.  A three month old should most likely double in size in that time.  This means probably three different snow suits will be necessary.  Each will be worn for maybe two months.  They are expensive!!!  Create a winter clothing co-op with your friends.  If you are a member of a Mothers of Preschoolers group or a local church suggest sharing slightly worn items.  Of course you will take them home and wash them thoroughly.  Then pass them on to a friend and find others for the next few months.

If you do not have a group with whom you can share or another source of slightly worn items look for consignment shops.  They can be dangerous in that they are stocked with all kinds of beautiful and useful things!  Be strong, only purchase what you truly need.  Then when you have finished your short stent with the item, resell it. The Internet is also a resource for baby items.  Decide which of these resources is best for you and have fun!!

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