Traveling With Your Infant

Taking newbies out in to the world can be a challenge.  There is so much gear to bring!  We mess up their schedules!  Babies can be annoying to those inexperienced in dealing with them.  And yet, traveling with them prior to their own mobility, affords safety and assured parental control.  So, which it is???

Recently I ventured to Alaska, the true “Final Frontier”.  My granddaughter, Felicity, lives there with Mommy & Daddy.  Felicity is three months of age and has already experienced more adventure than most five year olds!!!  There is a saying, “This is Alaska”.  What I interpret it to mean is everything goes.

Felicity has flown to CA, (it’s a long trip), gone deep sea fishing, visited the Alaska State Fair, spent the night in a cabin on the ocean, eaten, well breastfed, at most of the top Alaskan eateries, and more!  Being that she is so portable she simply comes along for the ride, literally!

Her parents, David & Jen, are to be congratulated on their adventuresome spirits! Six months from now, when Felicity has developed her own opinions, desires, and a voice, adventures will not be so simple.

Most of the ability to travel with your infant lies with in you!  If you are up for it, willing to push the limits a bit, and flexible you too can live on the wild side!  Travel as light as possible, call ahead to be sure your hotel has baby sleep gear.  Be easy on yourself, allow ample time for breastfeeding and restroom stops.  Visit locations conducive to activity, the art museum is probably not your best bet at this time.  Have lots of fun, take many photos, and write down what you do for baby’s future understanding.  This will be too good to miss!

Places we visited with Felicity:  Arctic Roadrunner Local Burgerman/ touted to be the best burgers in AK,  Clam Gulch, start for deep see fishing and location of Turnagain Arm, our cabin on the coast (we caught 100 lbs. of Halibut!),   Ninilchik, and Moose Tooth Pizza/again, the best pizza in Alaska.  Photos to come!

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